Celebrate Your Beauty.

Fall in love with your mirror all over again. Smile, enjoy the ride and notice: no image will ever be perfect, but just amazingly wonderful! We don’t sell mirrors, we sell smiles. Natural and organic smiles. Welcome!


Advanced Hydrating & Age Defying Serum 

HY-A is the brand new member of our skincare family.

Right now it’s in pre-launch mode on Amazon, at a pre-launch price – of course. For those of you that know us, no introduction is needed. You may try it and hopefully enjoy it for life – as usual – or get a full refund if not. Simple – as usual.

And for those who don’t know us yet, Amazon is your assurance that the 100% Money Back Guarantee is for real. Hope you enjoy HY-A – made with your smile in mind!

Pre-Launch Price: $74.00 $29.96 (60% Off).

Welcome to Bauana Naturals.


It was born as part of The Bauana Project to help a small community of underprivileged people.

We have a small line of natural & organic high-quality boutique skincare products, made in the USA, manufactured in an FDA registered GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant facility. And – of course – never ever tested on animals!

We sell them exclusively online, including but not exclusively through a close partnership with Amazon. With their help, we’re aiming at expanding globally. And based on the Bauana Project, you know our hearts and minds are focused on helping sustainable initiatives worldwide.

We are a family business with a huge heart. Come along, and help us help others. All you need to do is becoming a Customer. Your money back is guaranteed anyway, by us and by Amazon. Now… what if you like the products?

Hi, I’m Marjorie and this is Luca – my beloved partner!

Bauana Naturals, LLC is our company, a family business proudly based in Sheridan, Wyoming. We’re passionate about what we do! There’s a great story behind it that goes back for thirty years. Enough about us though, since you may read more at the ‘About’ page if you want.

You, on the other hand, have given us the greatest support we could’ve possibly dreamed about! The mutual trust, open honesty and straight-forward help ended up shaping what we’re now very proud of: products that compete in top quality with high-end brands (La Mer, Lancôme, PCA Skin, etc) – at a fraction of the price.

It’s a love-based relationship. We thank you so much for it! 

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