We want to change the world. For the good, of course, because we are good people

We know what you’re thinking… “Yeah, yeah… most good people do want to change the world, but…”

So, we decided to take the bull by the horns and do something about it! 😉


It all started with The Bauana Project…

What is it? In short…

  1. Take a piece of the Amazon rain forest;
  2. Preserve it where it’s still virgin;
  3. Reforest where it has been devastated;
  4. Bring knowledge and develop new technologies;
  5. Show the world what you’re doing;
  6. Build a place for people to stay, while they’re there watching you doing it;
  7. Teach locals to live a sustainable life;
  8. Ask people to replicate, in their own ecosystem, what they learned watching you.

That’s it! Simple, right? If you want to know more, go to The Bauana Project.

Here’s you again, thinking: “Are you just crazy… or what?”

Well, the final word came from the famous Here’s To The Crazy Ones speech given by Steve Jobs…
That became our inspiration to act!

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world…

are the ones who do.


That’s a heck of a high profile project, though. And probably only our grand-kids will see the practical results of it. However, if they see those results it would mean we really “changed the world”! 🙂

In the meantime, we wanted to do something immediately about item 7, for the benefit of 1,500 people living a sub-standard life inside the Carolina Farm, our piece of the Amazon rainforest.


We then decided to launch Bauana Naturals™…


  1. To sell natural products, and help those people using part of the profits;
  2. To develop natural beauty products with local raw materials, putting in motion a sustainability cycle;
  3. To build a small sustainable community, free from official subsidies.

Bauana Naturals™ is all about that!

We don’t need – and we don’t want – donations… Why? If you like our products and keep buying them, you’ll contribute to build a solid sustainability foundation, much stronger than those depending solely on donations.

Our proposition is to keep making the highest-quality products as possible, so you’ll keep coming back for more… with a smile! Simple formula, isn’t it? 😉

And what’s the best part of it for you? You’ll be proud of your beauty and its contribution to such a great cause…


Bauana Naturals™ got inspired by the Argan Oil story…



  1. Argan Oil is 100% natural, has been used for centuries, and its production is protected by UNESCO;
  2. It changed the Beauty Industry, its own forest biosphere, and life for millions of people.

And then we thought: “What if we do the same, only this time to benefit the Amazon’s ecosystem through the sustainable extraction of local ingredients?”

Once again, Steve Jobs speech played a decisive role…

But then we thought: “Why don’t we spread the word?”

That’s why…


We started the Beauty For A Better World™ initiative…

What is it?

As much as we like the environment, if we don’t start making a bit of good-humored noise about it nothing will happen! Aren’t you kind of fed up about those nasty, angry activists always trying to change human nature?

We got pragmatic about it.

Let’s prove to the world that…

  1. we can change it
  2. respecting and improving the environment
  3. having fun and
  4. making money in the process!

Sounds good?

This is the Beauty For A Better World™ initiative…

Through a different approach, showing the world that it’s possible to be sustainable and rich, we’ll do good while respecting human nature… which is, after all, also a “nature”… to be nurtured and respected as such! 😉

We’ll do it through our beauty products, produced by Bauana Naturals™.

How about you? Wanna join the Beauty For A Better World™ initiative?

Welcome aboard!


Thanks for watching.