Beauty For A Better World™

We are launching this initiative, called Beauty For A Better World™, to follow through on our proposition for the Bauana Sustainability Project. This time, though, in a much larger scale.


What Is The Bauana Sustainability Project?

The Bauana Sustainability Project is the social part of The Bauana Project, about which you may read here.

It’s the social part of it because it’s where the real social benefits take shape. Its main goal is to change – for the better, of course – the life of 1,500 under-privileged people who live in the Carolina Farm, our land in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

We don’t ask you to contribute to this cause.

If you like our products and keep coming back for more, there you have it. You’ll be already contributing to the benefit of that community, and the Sustainability Project’s success. And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


And What Is “Beauty For A Better World™”?

Beauty For A Better World™, on the other hand, is a different proposition. We aim at replicating, globally, the benefits experienced by the Bauana Sustainability Project.


Gently engaging the Beauty Industry into similar initiatives, where they can either sponsor projects directly, or simply spread the word. This way we’ll be able to reconfirm that beauty can change the world for the better – as Argan Oil did for its own biosphere!

Hence, Beauty For A Better World™ was born with a single purpose. To spread the idea that we all can do our part, we all can be environmentally engaged, we all can be proud of using our natural resources knowing that we are, directly or indirectly, contributing to make this – the only one we have – a much better world!

We started with this page, and let’s see how it goes. A blog… maybe? A seal for some sort of certificate? Why not?

In the meantime, Steve Jobs is once again our inspiration to do more, to do better…

Thanks for watching!