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  • You can talk about the weather, or the routes between Winchester and Birmingham… if you are English, of course. We’ll reply with more suggestions.
  • Or you can talk about the Beauty For A Better World™ initiative, what a great idea it is, and how much you love our products. We’ll get to know what a wonderful person you are, and we’ll be grateful forever.
  • On the other hand, you can tell us about the bad experience you had with any of our products. We know they are – like everything else – not perfect and not for everyone. That’s why we say that “not all skins are born equal”. You may have an extra sensitive skin, or some kind of allergy to a certain ingredient, or a particular condition where our product produces bad or no results on your skin. We totally understand, it can happen. And we’ll jump to your rescue. We’ll return your money first, of course. And then we’ll try, by all means, to make this smile 🙂 go back to your face!

So, we’re here, all ears… to genuinely make a friend out of you!


Emma Jones
Bauana Naturals™


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