Environmental skin damage is a process where ultraviolet light and other free radicals cause changes in the skin, and the sun is the number one culprit.

Don’t be fooled by thinking that it takes a sunburn to cause skin damage. Every day, UVA rays from the sun sneak into the skin and cause changes. UVA light is a longer wavelength and the same year-round. This low energy light gets into skin without the burning effect like other rays. It penetrates deep where the skin’s elastin and collagen are. These low energy rays destroy elasticity and collagen and wreak havoc on the skin’s pigmentation. The end result is freckles, fine lines, wrinkling and sagging skin.


Premature Skin Aging

The sun is one of the precursors to premature skin aging. It’s also one of the causes of skin cancer.

Bauana Naturals - Skin Damage

The bottom line is that sun exposure and tanning directly in the sun and tanning beds are both dangerous. Staying in the shade, using sunscreen and wearing protective clothing are effective strategies for warding off the danger and skin damage associated with UVA rays.


Safe, Healthy Tan

Using natural skin care serums, engineered to enhance collagen production and protect from sun exposure is another effective strategy.

If you’re on a quest for a safe, healthy tan, turn to sunless tanning lotions for that bronze. Today’s advances in skin care technologies have made that once orange and streaky look into a natural and authentic tan look.

The latest and innovative sunless tanners on the market today use cutting-edge formulas that smooth on evenly and transform into a warm and natural looking tan. Get the look of a day at the beach or afternoon by the pool with sunless tanning products without the damaging effects of UVA exposure. Sunless tanners get a perfect 10. Now that’s a healthy tan!