Beauty apps are taking skincare to a whole new level, so put down your makeup bag and pick up your smartphone for some real-time booty arsenal. These beauty apps are the must-have accessory for those who want to look their best. From rosacea and dark spots to wrinkles and skincare tips, artificial intelligence is pure genius today.


SkinBetter App

Use the SkinBetter app and watch it work its magic. Take a selfie and take advantage of this high-tech skin-analysis tool. The SkinBetter app uses dermatologist-grade scanning technology to accurately find skin problems like fine lines and dark spots. Get a list of some of the best products that dermatologists recommend to address your skin problems.


Rosacea App

Got rosacea? There’s an app for that too. The Rosacea app provides information about treatment options and the signs of rosacea. This app also determines what factors in your daily life may be triggering your outbreak of rosacea. Without a doubt, smartphones just keep getting smarter!


Dr. Brandt App

The renowned Dr. Brandt is always on call with his skincare app. This dermatologist is responsible for some of Hollywood’s best celeb complexions. Download his app and receive personalized skincare tips. This app also has cool factor. Its UV index finder reports the sun’s strength in your locale.


Gorgeously Green App

The Gorgeously Green app list all the ingredients to avoid on skincare products. So, the next time you’re in doubt at the store, get the green light from this app before you purchase a skincare product. For sure, you won’t find any of the ingredients in HYKO on this app, as it uses only natural ingredients.


LoveMySkin App

Keep track of any suspicious freckles and spots with the innovative LoveMySkin app. Take a photo and plot marks on your body with its mole map. If there are any changes, this app alerts you, so you can have your dermatologist check it out.


My Own App

Want to know how you measure up with others in your age group when it comes to aging? The My Own App uses facial recognition technology to assess aging by measuring the number of age spots, wrinkles, and lines on your face. Then, it compares your numbers to others in your age group.


When it comes to skincare, there’s an app for this and an app for that. Apps and skincare make the perfect couple.